Ask the Giant: 10 Questions with James Malm


Tuesday December 23rd

By Hyun Oh

For this week’s interview segment, I will be talking with Vancouver Giants prospect and Valley West Hawks forward James Malm. Malm played 19 games this year with the Vancouver Giants and is currently in his 2nd season with the Valley West Hawks. The 16 year old Langley native finished second in the BC Major Midget League in scoring in 2014/15, putting up 20 goals and 46 assists in 31 games for the Valley West Hawks. James was a 2nd round draft pick in the 2014 WHL Bantam Draft and played with the Burnaby Winter Club Bantam A1 team in his last Bantam year.


Hyun: “You had the opportunity to play in the WHL this season with the Vancouver Giants before getting sent down to the Valley West hawks. Could you describe what it was like and maybe go through some of your favourite moments?”

James: “Putting on the jersey for the first time and walking out of the tunnel and seeing how many people were there, and I also grew up watching the team when I was young so it’s pretty cool knowing you’re a part of an organization where I grew up idolizing the players. Also getting my first point was pretty cool.”

Hyun: “Growing up, was it yourself who wanted to play hockey or did your parents have an influence?”

James: ” I grew up watching and loving the game. so I would have to say it was myself .”

Hyun: “You represented Team BC last season in the 2015 Canada Winter Games amongst other elite WHL prospects such as Vancouver teammates Brendan Semchuk and Owen Hardy. Explain what that experience was like.”

James: “Wearing the BC logo and representing your province in a national event is such a honour. It was also really cool because it was the first time being on tv and by far the most people at games up to that point in my hockey career.”


Hyun: “Is there a specific routine you always follow before and after games?”

James: ” I put on everything from left to right. that’s about it”

Hyun: “Do you remember the nicest goal you’ve ever scored?”

James: ” I can’t remember the nicest but I can remember important goals in big games throughout the time I’ve played hockey.”

Hyun: “You’re a very flashy type of offensive guy on the ice. Is there someone you try and model your game after?”

James: “Guys like Patrick Kane and Tyler Johnson because they’re small skilled forwards and also hard working.”

Hyun: “Do you have a go-to chirp?”

James: “Haha I don’t think I can answer that here.”

Hyun: “Haha alright that’s fine. What about a go-to goal celebration?”

James: “Just a fist pump nothing too crazy.”

Hyun: “Do you have any major specific goals for yourself in the future?”

James: “To make hockey my career. to play in the NHL one day.

Hyun: “Lastly, family, friends and teammates are an important part of a hockey player’s success. Is there anyone you’d like to give a special shoutout to?

James: “My parents the most because hockey isn’t a cheap sport to play and it is also very time consuming but I never heard them complain at all so I definitely owe them all the credit, my brother who used to practice with me so much when I was younger.”

Hyun: “Alright, I’ll let you go now. Thanks for your time and best of luck throughout the rest of the season! Hopefully we can do this again sometime in the future.”

James: “Thanks for the interview.”

James can be found on twitter (@James_Malm) and instagram (@jamesmalm14)

Published December 23rd 2015 by Hyun Oh

Hyun is just your average teenager from Surrey BC who loves the game.

Follow Hyun on twitter: @ohitshyun


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