Getting to know Spruce Kings star Parker Colley


Friday December 11

By Dane Frizzell


Parker Colley is currently playing his first season in the British Columbia Hockey League with the Prince George Spruce Kings. Colley played for the North West Chiefs of the BC Major Midget League. Colley scored 24 goals, and had 65 assists over two seasons with the team. All though shorter than many of his opponents on the ice, Colley is a jet fast skater and can often beat you with his speed and sweet hands. This week we caught up with Colley as I asked him a few questions about life as a hockey player and what it means to be a Colley.



Dane – “Hey Parker, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us!”

Parker -“Yeah no problem.”

Dane – “Growing up, were you put into hockey by your parents or did you insist on playing?”

Parker – “I think kind of both, I loved hockey when I was a kid and I think also my Dad really wanted me to play.”

Dane – “What is your earliest on ice memory that you can recall?”

Parker – “I would have to say probably skating on my Grandma’s pond that she had on her farm when I was little in the winter.”

Dane  – “You have been playing the game for years now. Starting out in the Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey association before playing for the same team your brother played for with the North West Chiefs. You are now a member of the Spruce Kings playing in one of the best junior development leagues in the world. What has it been like playing this game over the past few years as you have been able to move up the ranks of junior hockey.”

Parker – “These last couple of years have been really good for my development especially those two years with the Chiefs and now with the Spruce Kings. Now I am just trying to improve my game even more to become a better hockey player.”

Dane – “This is an over used question, but I have to ask. Who is one player you look up to and want to be like?

Parker – “I would have to say Sidney Crosby just because I love the way he plays and how he can control the puck and make amazing plays.”

Dane – “Over the past few years there has been a lot of questions raised over your size.  Mainly your height, yet you have continued to prove everyone wrong with your skill and your speed. There are tons of kids out there who are in the same situation you were in. What do you have to say to those kids who have dreams of playing the game and dreams of doing what you have done so far?

Parker – “I would just have to say the game is starting to become a lot less physical and for smaller guys you just need to be smart, always have your head up and use your speed because you won’t get hit if they can’t catch you.”

Dane  – “This is your first season with the Kings. The BCHL has a fantastic relationship with university and college hockey programs. Are you wanting to possibly earn a scholarship and go and play in the United States, or are you wanting to stay in Canada and continue your development in the Western Hockey League?”

Parker -“Earning a scholarship and going to play in the states is what I hope and want to do for my future.”

Dane – “Teammates are vital in succeeding in this sport. Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to? Someone or a group of teammates that gave you support or you share amazing memories with?”

Parker – “Probably my whole team last year with the Chiefs just cause we had such a good group of guys and had such a successful year.”


Colley and his teammates celebrating  their Cromie Memorial Cup victory


Dane – “Coaches are the backbone of this sport. It’s amazing what they do for their players and their organizations. Is there a coach you would like to mention that has helped you become the player you are today?”

Parker – “I would like to think my Dad. He coached me when I was younger, and he has always been giving me tips throughout the last couple years. He just keeps helping and giving me advice as I move on in my hockey career.”

Dane – “If you could play one NHL game, what team would it be with and who would be your linemates?

Parker – “Pittsburg Penguins and probably Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane.”

Dane –  “Could you just touch base on what your family has done for you over the past few years. I know your brother is currently playing the game also, what does it mean to be a Colley?”

Parker – “My family has given me so much support over the years and they have helped me get to the level I am at today.”


Parker with brother Boston



Dane – “Thanks Parker for your time, hopefully can do this again someday.”

Parker – “Yeah for sure, thanks!”


Parker Colley currently has  1 goal and 6 assists with the Spruce Kings this season.

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